Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“Perfect” Score for IceWarp


IceWarp Server 10 receives a perfect score from Unified Communications Magazine!unified-communications-magazine-logo

In his review Tom Keating writes; “The buzzword "unified communications" gets thrown around pretty easily these days. Companies with solutions that cover just two or three model methods of communications often consider their products as part of the "unified communications" spectrum. It is true they are unifying at least two disparate communications, so technically they are within the UC realm. However, I have discovered perhaps the one and only "true" unified communications solution that covers just about every communications method you can think of and most people probably never heard of them.

Keating further states: “Imagine a product that combines email, instant messaging, VoIP, FTP server, Web server with PHP support, Groupware, SMS, ActiveSync, SyncML, WebDAV, antivirus, and anti-spa along with a feature-rich AJAX-based Web-based UC client. That's exactly what you get with IceWarp Unified Communications Server 10.”

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Unified Communications Magazine review.