Monday, March 15, 2010

IceWarp Releases IceWarp DeskClient Beta


New Beta serves as a secure Outlook replacement – Optimized for IceWarp Server

IceWarp has extended its offerings recently to include a new desktop client that will provide users an option to the ever-growing, performance zapping MS Outlook. IceWarp DeskClient is universal in that it supports any standards-based email server, however it is optimized for IceWarp Server. Personally, I really welcome this as I have been increasingly dissatisfied with MS Outlook. The Outlook interface and functionality is nice, however it really comes at a price in terms of system requirements and cost. Keep in mind that the only means to acquire Outlook is to purchase MS Office.

IceWarp DeskClient integrates Email, GroupWare, secure Instant Messaging, and much more. It is extremely flexible, providing the power to adjust the interfacesecure outlook replacement to meet the unique needs of your organization. Whether you are migrating from MS Outlook or from an open-source alternative, IceWarp DeskClient provides organizations with all the features users need and expect.

Calendar Interface

calendar IceWarp DeskClient is one of the most comprehensive interfaces on the market, giving users the ability to simultaneously view multiple calendars across multiple sources. Plus, DeskClient offers support for both Free/Busy and iMIP/iTIP, which gives users the power to check the availability of colleagues and schedule meetings.

Optimized for IceWarp Server

IceWarp DeskClient is optimized to fully interact with IceWarp Server, ensuring easy setup and seamless synchronization of all data. Plus, users will be able to share all data; they simply need to fill in their user names and passwords, and the client will exchange all necessary settings with your server via SmartDiscover.

Integrated IM client

IceWarp's integrated IM client enables communication between users and groups. Features include privacy lists, avatars and customizable notifications. ChatIM client history is logged in real-time, and is displayed in the Sidebar or can be opened in a separate window. By default, the IceWarp IM client is docked in IceWarp's intelligent Sidebar; however, each user has the option to detach it.

Revolutionary Taskbar

taksbar A powerful search engine quickly locates all information within the client. Full communication and attachment history ensures that all past conversations and projects are preserved whether they're done through Instant Messaging or e-mail.

Data import

data import The integrated import engine supports full import from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or any .eml file. Contacts and Calendars can also be imported from iCalendar (.ics) or vCards (.vcf). Additionally, Contacts can be imported from Google or Facebook.

The current beta of IceWarp DeskClient can be downloaded here.